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Violence Against Women Collaborations

What are Violence Against Women (VAW) collaborations?

Violence Against Women (VAW) Collaborations strengthen partnerships between agencies that respond to women and children experiencing domestic and Aboriginal family violence and/or sexual assault. The Collaborations identify gaps in service provision and provide an opportunity for the development of strategic regional responses to women experiencing domestic and Aboriginal family violence, sexual assault and homelessness due to violence.

Are VAW collaborations different to the Family Safety Framework?

YES. The Family Safety Framework seeks to ensure that services to families most at risk of violence are provided in a more structured and systematic way. This is done through agencies sharing information about these families and sharing responsibility to support these families.

VAW Collaborations are multi-agency partnerships which will identify and develop regional strategies to respond to and prevent violence against women. The Collaborations will build community capacity to prevent and reduce the incidence of violence against women in local regions by working to create cultural and attitudinal change within the community that addresses the underlying causes of this violence.

The Violence Against Women Collaborations aim to increase sector capacity to provide integrated responses to women and children experiencing violence, including those women who are homeless as a result of violence.

Who is involved?

Every region across South Australia has its own unique strengths and challenges and regions will determine the agencies involved which may include but are not limited to:

What are the essential elements of the VAW collaborations?

VAW Collaborations bring together service providers to develop strategic regional responses including:

  • Regional Action Plans:
    Developed in each region to identify the gaps, prioritise the work and develop the response plan.
  • Supportive Housing:
    Supporting the fair and equitable allocation of supportive houses within a Region.
  • Complex Case Management:
    Ensuring clients who have complex and/or multiple needs receive a joined-up case management response.

Who co-ordinates the VAW collaborations?

Each region will have ownership of their local VAW Collaboration and determine the governance arrangements (chair and executive support) within the group.

The Department for Communities and Social Inclusion will provide the framework and templates for VAW Collaborations and will participate as partners in regional groups.

Regional VAW Collaborations will provide six-monthly reporting. The information will enhance government knowledge and help to shape future policy direction to prevent violence against women in South Australia.

Regional Collaborations Guidelines (DOC 1.5 MB)

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