Edith Dornwell Internship for Women in STEM

Although women complete more tertiary study than men, there is a consistent lack of women undertaking science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, related degrees.  Of the 2.7 million Australian's with higher level STEM qualifications in 2010-11, 19% were women, compared to 60% of non-STEM fields.

Edith Dornwell Internship for Women in STEM 

The transition from study to employment is one of the key points where women drop out of STEM.That is why we have developed the Edith Dornwell Internship for Women in STEM. This three year program provides one woman each year with three months full time or six months part time fully paid employment with an organisation whose focus is on STEM.

To view Minister Gago's media release on the program click here 80.4kb.pdf.

2015 Internship

Mina Asadi has been awarded the inaugural Edith Dornwell Internship. Ms Asadi has a Master of Information Technology from the University of South Australia, adding to her Bachelor of Computer Science. She undertook her internship with Santos from July to October 2015.

To view Minister Gago's media release on Ms Asadi's appointment click here 82.2kb.pdf.

2016 Internship

To commemorate the 130th Anniversary of Edith Dornwell's graduation, the second year's internship has been awarded to University of Adelaide student Tayesha Papa. Ms Papa is currently undertaking her internship with BAE Systems.

2017 Internship

The final year's internship will be offerd to a Flinders University student, with applications opening in late 2016, the University's 50th anniversary year.

About Edith Dornwell

Edith Emily Dornwell was the first woman in Australia to graduate with a Science degree, the first woman to graduate from the University of Adelaide and the first person, male or female, to graduate with a science degree from the University of Adelaide in 1885 with first class honours in physics and physiology. 

At her graduation the University's Chancellor Chief Justice Sir Samuel Way said:
In your distinguished undergraduate career, and in the manner in which you have taken taken that degree, you have not merely done honour to the University, but you have vindicated the right of your sex to compete, and to compete on equal terms, with other undergraduates for the honours and distinctions of the University.

Funding for the Edith Dornwell Internship has been provided by the Office of Science, Technology and Research, Department of State Development.