Three pillars of action

  • Improving women's economic status
  • Increasing women's leadership and participation
  • Improving women's safety and wellbeing

These three priority areas reflect the different dimensions of life and recognise that women's experiences can intersect at multiple points. Positive outcomes in one area can impact on outcomes in other areas - for example, improving the financial security of women can play an important role in increasing the safety of women and  reducing their vulnerability to violence and homelessness.

This policy will enable the unique backgrounds, experiences and situations of all women to be considered in the development of strategies that promote gender equality.

Each pillar identifies critical actions already begun by the South Australian Government as well as the actions we will undertake in the short term and importantly, actions that we will develop and implement moving into the future.

To make change happen, everyone needs to be committed. Achieving Women's Equality endeavours to build strong collaborative partnerships between all levels of government, business and the community across all priority areas for women, acknowledging the critical nature of these partnerships in achieving results.