Minister's foreword


In December 1894, South Australia became the first Australian state to allow women to vote in state elections and the first state to allow women to stand for State Parliament.

This pioneering triumph for women's equality was the result of a long strategic campaign conducted over many years by some very determined women. Their achievement was a key element in the creation of South Australia as a socially progressive society. As the heirs to this unique legacy, we have the obligation to continue their inspiring example.

This policy document sets out our recent activities. We have done much to improve women's economic status, to increase opportunities for women's leadership and participation, and to improve the safety and wellbeing of women.

These initiatives have moved women a long way towards the full and equal participation in all aspects of life – but there is still a long way to go.

To this end, Achieving Women's Equality lays the policy foundations for our future actions and sets out a clear pathway into the future.

Following the recent 120th anniversary of women's suffrage in South Australia, it is fitting that our policy document, Achieving Women's Equality directs our gaze towards ambitious aspirations that will create enduring positive change for South Australian women and girls.

The South Australian pioneer women of 1894 would expect nothing less.

Hon Gail Gago MLC
Minister for the Status of Women