Increasing women's leadership and participation

Strategic priorities

  • Improve the profile of women as leaders across government, business and community.
  • Increase the number of women represented on Government boards and committees.
  • Encourage all South Australian workplaces to improve gender diversity in their workforce at all levels.
  • All women, including vulnerable groups of women, are encouraged to participate in decision making that impacts their lives.

South Australia has always been a progressive State and was the first colony in Australia and the first place in the world to grant women both the right to vote and stand for election to Parliament. Building on this strong history, the South Australian Government is committed to enabling women to reach their full potential as leaders in every field, in our community, in our public service, on our boards and in our Parliament.

It is equally important to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our women leaders across all areas of our community.

Increasing women's leadership and participation supports the South Australian Government's Economic Priorities