Improving women's safety and wellbeing

Strategic priorities

  • Reduce violence against women and their children, and hold perpetrators accountable.
  • Increase community awareness that violence against women is not acceptable by working with business and community partners to implement strategies to prevent violence against women.
  • Improve women's access to and knowledge about safety and justice.
  • Ensure women, especially vulnerable women, can access appropriate health care through every life stage.
  • Improve young women's body image. 
  • All women, including vulnerable groups of women, are able to access and participate in all aspects of our society including having their rights promoted, upheld and protected.

Women experience violence in public places, at work and at home. As part of our commitment to a safer community, the South Australian Government has implemented a strategic and comprehensive approach to violence against women, to make the best use of resources and to guide our future action. Good health and wellbeing are also vital to ensure women live productive lives and can fully participate in their communities.

Women are the majority of health consumers and carers, therefore improving the health of women improves the health of the whole community. Preventative measures and education are key to improving women's health and wellbeing as well as ensuring that health service provision is inclusive of women's needs.

Improving women's safety and wellbeing supports the South Australian Government's Economic Priorities: