Improving women's economic status

Strategic priorities

  • Increase the number of women participating in employment, education or training, particularly in non-traditional areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Improve the financial planning and literacy skills of women.
  • Promote gender pay equity. 
  • Increase access to flexible work options for all workers especially women.
  • All women, including vulnerable groups of women, have economic security, enabling them to plan for the future and exercise choice and control over their lives.

Ensuring women achieve economic independence requires strategies across their lifespan. These strategies must:

  • ensure girls and young women have access to a good education and are supported to take up subjects in science and mathematics as well as those traditionally considered 'female subjects' such as the arts
  • ensure women can take up secure, safe and well paid employment with access to entitlements such as flexible leave
  • address the impact of women's lower participation in employment that results in women being more likely to have a combination of low savings, reduced levels of home ownership and minimal, if any, superannuation.

South Australia has an opportunity to create innovative strategies that:

  • support girls and young women to take up educational pathways in non-traditional areas such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)
  • utilise flexible work options to meet the changing demands of the labour market
  • recognise and engage women as a critical resource for businesses.

Improving women's economic status supports the South Australian Government's Economic Priorities