How will we increase women's leadership and participation?

Achievements and ongoing work

The South Australian Government has already implemented and continues to support a number of initiatives to increase women's leadership and participation including:

  • supporting and encouraging women to pursue leadership positions
  • development and promotion of the Premier's Women's Directory as an online resource of women who are seeking appointment to boards and committees
  • ensuring a women's perspective is considered in relevant State Government policies by seeking advice from the Office for Women where appropriate
  • raising the profile of outstanding women by providing awards and honours to women and/or to organisations that support the full participation of women including the South Australian Women's Honour Roll, Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award, Gladys Elphick Awards, Augusta Zadow Award, RIRDC Rural Women's Award and the Excellence in Leadership – Women in Resources Award (part of the Premier's Community Excellence Awards in Mining and Energy) 
  • providing professional development programs for women aimed at empowerment.

The South Australian Government will continue to increase women's leadership and participation through further initiatives which will include:

Short term

  • developing an action plan for inclusive leadership within the state public sector with a focus on increasing women's participation in executive roles and on boards and committees
  • recognising the significant role women play in South Australian agribusiness and developing an action plan to promote opportunities, grow capabilities and break down barriers
  • continuing to proactively increase the number of women appointed as members and chairs to State Government boards and committees.

Long term

  • working with the corporate sector to increase the percentage of women on ASX boards
  • encouraging all South Australian workplaces to improve gender diversity in their workforce at all levels
  • partnering with industry organisations to broaden opportunities for aspiring women leaders
  • working in partnership with the Premier's Council for Women and other partners to hold events for women seeking board positions and boards seeking women members
  • improving the transparency of the advertisement of State Government board positions including advertising through the Premier's Women's Directory
  • continuing to work with local government to increase the number of women in the local government workforce, in leadership roles and as elected members of Councils
  • continuing to support the skill development of women so that they are able to undertake board and executive positions
  • developing and rolling out education programs focused on inclusive leadership, challenging stereotypes and unconscious bias
  • increasing women's leadership and participation in sport and active recreation.