How will we improve women's economic status?

Achievements and ongoing work

The South Australian Government has already implemented and continues to support a number of initiatives to improve women's economic status including:

  • implementing Disability Access and Inclusion Plans in all South Australian Government Departments to identify and address barriers to access and inclusion and developing strategies that meet the participation and service needs of people with disability
  • encouraging and promoting the use of flexible work options such as those highlighted in the Flexible Workplace Futures project
  • showcasing flexible work success stories 
  • providing information and advice on issues of economic independence to women and referring them to supports available to help make informed decisions
  • facilitating women's access to information and networks so they can make informed choices
  • providing subsidised training places to raise skill levels and address skill demands.

The South Australian Government will continue to improve women's economic status through further initiatives which will include:

Short term

  • establishing scholarship support for women in STEM
  • establishing online networks for Indian and South Australian business women
  • encouraging women to access training and pathways for employment in high demand non-traditional female industries, such as mining and IT
  • showcasing and increasing the profile of women's contribution to non-traditional roles and fostering the participation of women across diverse industries
  • recognising the significant roles women play in South Australian agribusiness and developing an action plan to promote opportunities, grow capabilities and break down barriers
  • developing a program to enable women affected by domestic and family violence to engage in education and move towards engagement, participation and financial security.

Long term

  • identifying strategies to mitigate the disadvantage facing older women with limited superannuation and reducing their vulnerability to homelessness
  • developing a women's economic independence strategy that includes a focus on economic empowerment and non-traditional employment
  • continuing scholarship support for women in STEM
  • undertaking research into the specific causes of the gender pay gap in South Australia
  • encouraging business to undertake gender pay audits and implement strategies to reduce the gender pay gap
  • raising awareness of the gender superannuation gap
  • updating local resources to provide assistance to women and men returning to work after parental leave.