Premier's foreword


The full and free participation of women and girls in all aspects of society is critical to South Australia's future.

They must be in a position to fulfil their personal potential, to contribute their ideas and energies to the common good, to help our State prosper and seize opportunities, and, of course, to lead.

But they cannot do these things properly in the face of barriers.

This policy, Achieving Women's Equality, aims to eliminate barriers and to acknowledge the central role women and girls play in our economy and community.

It provides a strategic, integrated framework in which State Government agencies can foster and achieve gender equality – both in their own work and in the partnerships they forge with business and community.

With a strong emphasis on practically improving lives, Achieving Women's Equality offers direction so that we, together, can advance the interests of women.

The policy focuses on three specific areas for action: improving women's economic status; increasing women's leadership and participation; and improving women's safety and wellbeing.

I urge you to apply this policy to your day-to-day work, and to use it as a valuable framework when exploring, planning and implementing new initiatives.

Hon Jay Weatherill MP
Premier of South Australia