In December 2014, the Office for Women held an exhibition of items to celebrate the 120th anniversary of women's suffrage in South Australia. 

Materials exhibited included copies of cartoons that were published in newspapers at the time, depicting popular attitudes towards suffragists who were appealing for women's political rights; letters to newspaper editors; portraits of suffragists who were key to the South Australian movement and a particular tribute to lesser-known but highly significant suffragist Elizabeth Webb Nicholls.

Below is a small selection of the images that were on display at the exhibition, including a portrait of Elizabeth Webb Nicholls.

For more images relating to women's suffrage in South Australia please visit the Pinterest board we have set up here.

The above is a copy of a handwritten letter that was sent to MPs following the passing of the legislation that allowed women to vote and stand for Parliament in South Australia. The letter thanks them for voting for the legislation and is signed by Elizabeth Webb Nicholls and Mary George, both of the WCTU.